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Nova Escola supports Basic Education teachers and managers in reflections about teaching practices. To that end, we impart information on continuous planning with specialized and up-to-date content in plain language. Our online platform introduces strategic themes for the classroom, valuable experiences of public schools and provides practical pedagogical resources. Our products and solutions encompass: reports, articles, interviews with experts, e-books, booklets, short videos, web series etc.


Nova Escola also provides training that helps teachers with the use of pedagogical resources and with the renewal of their teaching strategies, taking into account the resources and technology available in public schools. Our training enables teachers to cover any educational gaps, and also to improve, develop and innovate their educational practices. Our products and solutions include: courses and training of great pedagogical depth on several themes, which are provided in different formats and duration.


Designed for basic education teachers who lack quality materials for planning and application in the classroom. The Nova Escola Tools provide free educational resources, such as textbooks and lesson plans, which are produced by teachers for teachers. Nova Escola’s teaching materials support the development of pedagogical activities, guaranteeing support before, during and after class. We propose solutions which provide teachers with autonomy to adapt the tools to the needs of their local context. Our products and solutions are composed of: lesson plans, educational materials, games, activities, educational videos and other resources.

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What projects have we already carried out?

Solutions developed with partners to support teachers and school leaders

Google.org + Fundação Lemann

Nova Escola Lesson Plans

Preparation of 6,000 quality lesson plans, available for free and based on the National Common Core Curriculum (BNCC), for Elementary and High School teachers across Brazil.

Itaú Social + Fundação Lemann

Educational Materials - states of Amapá, Ceará and São Paulo

Development of integrated teaching materials (e.g.: textbooks) for the states of Amapá, Ceará and São Paulo, which embodies all the implementation process: from creation to the training for the teaching staff involved.

Prosperity Fund - Governo Britânico

English Teaching Material - Skills for Prosperity - in partnership with the British government

Production and dissemination of materials, and trainings for English teachers aligned with the BNCC and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR)


Educative Connection

This initiative supported public education teachers so as to ensure the continuity of lessons during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nova Escola adapted 6,000 lesson plans for distance learning, which strengthened teacher preparation. Nova Escola also provided weekly online training sessions and formative materials about how to use the lesson plans and digital tools. Moreover, Nova Escola showcased the best practices adopted by teachers and schools throughout the pandemic.


Network Education

Initiative aimed at alleviating the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on education. Nova Escola promoted online continuing education and the exchange of experiences amongst teachers through tutorial videos and live broadcasts. We also created a social media group where Nova Escola shared content focused on the use of everyday digital tools in a simple and effective way.

Instituto Gerdau

Entrepreneurial Education

Production and dissemination of teaching materials (lesson plans and pedagogical projects), as well as online courses on a transversal topic introduced by the BNCC: Entrepreneurial Education.

Tide Setúbal + Fundação Lemann

Emotional Health from A to Z Movement - A movement for the health of those who teach

This initiative aims to inform, equip and bring management and teaching staff closer to mental health professionals in order to share information to raise awareness of the subject and also to present paths and strategies that alleviate the emotional impact of the crisis caused by Covid-19.


National Common Core Curriculum (BNCC) in High School

Course pathways on Youtube to help educators facing the challenge of interpreting and implementing the BNCC in High School with dissemination of high quality free educational content, so that educators understand the New High School Reform and learn how to face its main challenges, through real cases that are attractive and inspiring.

Associação Parceiros da Educação RJ

Continuing Education - Back to Face-to-Face learning

Training Program composed of online meetings for teachers from schools supported by Associação Parceiros da Educação RJ, a non-profit organization committed to the improvement of public education. The meetings had the objective of preparing teachers for the resumption of learning activities following school closures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This initiative allowed in-depth discussions on lesson planning with a focus on development of skills - one of the premises of the BNCC - in blended learning.

Instituto Cyrela

Continuing Education - Early Childhood Education

Training Program composed of online meetings held remotely and a venue for the exchange of ideas with a library of online activities. The aim of this initiative is to provide teachers and pedagogical coordinators of Early Childhood Education with tools to deal with blended learning, by proposing classroom activities at school and homework activities that must be done with family support.

Instituto Gesto/ Programa Formar

Continuing Education - Lesson Planning for Skills Development

Programa Formar consists of face-to-face and online meetings with teachers, school managers and trainers from several municipal and state education networks. The topics discussed entailed lesson planning for the development of skills in line with the BNCC and the respective regional curricula.

Who already supports us?

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