Nova Escola: Supporting Teachers to Transform Education

Historically, Brazilian public Education has always had several structural problems, either due to the scarcity of financial resources or the technological gap, making it difficult for teachers to work and for students to learn.

Who are we, and what do we believe in?

Nova Escola believes that we can transform this scenario by strengthening the educator. We have been operating with this mission for over 30 years, offering educational content, courses, lesson plans, training, and journalistic material. Today, we are the largest digital Education platform in Brazil and have always partnered with teachers.

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What are we already doing and what we want to do?

We have carried out a series of free projects and initiatives to minimize the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, from virtual training to emotional support content. Our aim is to work alongside teachers and families and overcome the technological challenges and lack of knowledge about remote teaching. Therefore, we count on your help to further amplify the scope of these actions.